Drilling number
Drilling number
  • International
  • Canada
  • US
  • 1039

    Daily drilling / station

  • 66

    Daily drilling / station

  • 1012

    Daily drilling / station

Crude oil prices
Crude oil prices
  • US crude oil
  • Brent
  • WIT
  • Latest price (USD / barrel): 64


  • Latest price (USD / barrel): 71.97


  • Latest price (USD / barrel): 64


Market service

Market service

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After-sale service

Neway Oil Equipment offers all services to create customers more value. Timely, excellent and professional after-sales service is what Neway Oil Equipment has promised and provided. You can receive complete sets of services for the projects in time, such as technical documents, drawings, product manuals, production schedules, production/inspection control plan, etc. You can also get professional services from technically professional personnel including quality follow-up of sold products, site unpacking & inspection.

Service Capability

Neway Oil Equipment owns a competent and powerful team for valve maintenance & consultation, well equipped and high positioned. Complete quality system, effective operation and good teamwork guarantee customers timely, superior and professional services, which include:

Trouble Analysis and Clearing

  • 01. Systematically analyzing potential causes to valve failure;
  • 02. Comprehensively determining risk assessment during trouble clearing of fault valve.


  • 01. Accessories, equipment and maintenance proposals;
  • 02. On-line or off-line maintenance;
  • 03. Customized maintenance proposals;
  • 04. Long term record links and periodic follow-up system for valves which are maintained on site.

Site Technical Service

  • 01. Consultation service on valve and wellhead operation related techniques;
  • 02. Valve model selection suggestions and professional design alternatives;
  • 03. Providing professional equipment to help remove factors that influence valve operation.

Training on Product Use & Maintenance

  • 01. Professional training courseware;
  • 02. Trouble shooting exercise;
  • 03. Customized maintenance proposals.

Service Commitmentss

  • 01. Making all employees professionals of valve industry and building a professional and experienced team;
  • 02. Offering customers first-class service;
  • 03. Establishing long term cooperative partnership with customers and keeping promises.

Feed Back

You are welcome to give us your suggestions to improve Neway’s products and services. Proposals will be sent to you within 24 hours. If you need site service and support, our professional technical service personnel will arrive at the site to help and stay until everything is OK.

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